A few new songs

I’m going to try to start keeping a more comprehensive list of new tunes that we add to the repertoire at Oak Mountain.

Check out “Amazing God” by Brenton Brown. We’re going to introduce it in the next few weeks.

Our choir is singing “Lord I Run to You” by Tommy Walker this week – it’s off of one of his old albums. If you’re reading this and looking for new stuff, Tommy has just recently signed with Integrity, thus reaping the benefits of their distribution network. His older stuff is awesome. Check it out. One of his best older albums is “Never Gonna Stop.”

We did a song called “You Said” last week, for our global missions conference. Great tune by HIllsong – about 7 or 8 years old, but a great tune.

Over Christmas, possibly one of my new favorite Christmas tunes, and sure to be in next December’s schedule “You’re Here,” by Francesca Battistelli

Check ’em out.

You know you’ve made it when . . .

My friend Aaron Shust (and he really is my friend – not just one of those guys that I shook hands with one time. We used to work together) has a very popular song in the CCM world called My Savior, My God. It’s based on the hymn “I Am Not Skilled to Understand.” You can look it up in the hymnal – it really is there.

Anyway, I get these CD’s about 10 times a year, produced by a group called “Song Discovery” that have their best guess as to the latest and greatest worship songs. I opened up my January issue yesterday and saw the song “Mi Salvador, Mi Dios.” Apparently someone has translated and re-recorded My Savior My God into Spanish. Cool. Way to go Aaron!