I have an unusual obsession with clocks. I was noticing this past week in the sitcom scrubs (when I run, I try to plan my treadmill time around when reruns of scrubs are playing, because I dread running, and scrubs makes the time go by faster) that on almost every episode, there’s a traditional style clock hanging on the back walls of several scenes, and for some reason I always notice the clock, and what time is on the clock, and whether or not the clock is running, and if they have a blooper where time actually goes backwards due to an editing error, and we have the really big red clock in the back of the sanctuary at Oak Mountain and that’s what we start and stop our services according to, and my praise band/team is accustomed to hearing the phrase “according to the big red clock in the back,” and we have an atomic clock in the choir room, but it’s underground so it doesn’t get a signal and so I take it out to the front of the church about once/month so it can get an updated signal from the navy clock tower in Colorado, and then I set all my watches to the clock (to the second) and get obsessive when I notice that my second hand is off from the atomic clock – but then I wonder if it’s my watch or the atomic clock that is off – but then I think that maybe it wouldn’t be so bad to have a watch that isn’t EXACTLY precise to the second to the navy clock in Colorado, and there’s got to be a Gospel comparison in there somewhere about how our lives are really just about as messed up as they can possibly be, and we strive and obsess about trying to use our own watch dial setting thingys to “try our best” to get our lives lined up just right, only to find that our second hand is still off – and the only clock that counts is Christ, and its HIS watch that the Father is looking at, and it’s ALWAYS on time, ALWAYS set correctly, and it’s the CLOCK that the navy clock is set by, and when the Father looks at US, He sees Christ . . . and in further examining our own lives, our clocks are even more messed up than when Kramer decided that he didn’t want to wait anymore for daylight savings time to kick in so he went ahead and set his clock forward “and I’m sure this won’t cause any problems” – Jerry . . .

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  1. Thank you Jason for sharing that. For some reason, I didn't even notice there not being a period in there and I guess it doesn't matter because the point was made and made clearly. Thanks for sharing your heart and helping to remind me that it is only Christ “clock” that counts. Less of me and more of Him.

  2. Dude, who you trying to be William Faulkner. . .the Apostle Paul! Jason Sears, this is “.” “.” this is Jason Sears. Talk amongst yourselves!

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