Our Church Technology *Updated*

Updated 9/15/15

Everything geared for the volunteer.

FOH console – Yamaha CL5, with Waves Soundgrid Extreme server, and two stage boxes.
Outboard gear:
Behringer Composer Pro XL (for program compression into CD burner)
HBB Burnit CD Recorder
Tascam CD player
Raxxess Ipod Dock
Marantz Hard Disc Recorder – PMD560
Clearcom MS232
Behringer Ultragraph Pro Graphic EQ (for choir mic tuning)
Tascam TA-1VP vocal processor.
Checkmate CM-150 db Meter

Video support:
Toshiba DVD player
Kramer VP-419xl
Extron IN3254 RGBHV/DA
(2) Blonder tongue RF Modulators – AM series
Kramer VP-31 switcher
Kramer VP-41AV switcher
Listen Assisted Listening system

FOH Line –
4 EAW Line arrays, loaded with KF730 and 730SB (subwoofers)
6 more SB600 subs.
Front fill and delay ring speakers.

Projection System –
Custom-built PC running songshowplus. Powerpoint is a “no-no” for worship. Songshow runs all our lyric support, graphics, and video playback.

Stage systems –
Aviom system – powered via Innovason’s ADio Card.
Aviom system includes A-16D pro, 8 A-16II mixers, and 1 A16R mixer, with remote control.
Band members use headphones – Sony MDR 7506’s.
Vocals use Audio-Technica M3, in-ear monitoring

Inputs –
Electric guitarists use VOX tonelab amp modelers, plus custom pedal boards.
Our bass runs through the AVALON U5 DI and a Boss TU-2 tuner pedal.
We provide additional Boss TU-2 tuners for our acoustic players.
We have a full complement of Whirlwind directors and multi-directors.
Our drummers use the in-house DW drum kit, with Paiste Signature Series cymbals.
Our “piano” is a 9′ Kawai on the outside, *Yamaha P200 on the inside.  I also play through a Presonus AudioBox for interfacing with Mainstage on my MacBook Pro.
We use Shure UHF-R wireless handhelds with the beta 87 capsule on them. (We also have 16 channels of Shure UHF with beltpacks and Handhelds).
I sing into a Neumann *KSM105, sit on a *rock-n-sock drum throne, and use *Futuresonics in-ear monitors with a Shure PSM900 system.
For choir, we have 12 Crown 700’s, *2 Neumann KSM184’s (vintage).
Drums are mic’d with a Shure Beta 91 on the kick, an *SM57 on the snare, and 2 AT 4051’s on the overheads. The tom’s are mic’d with *Shure Beta 98’s.
Our synth players use a Korg Triton.

Other mics include:
*4 wired Shure Beta87’s
*2 AKG D112’s
4 Crown PCC 160’s
Audix D1, (2) D2’s, D4, (2) ADX 50’s
*4 wired Shure SM58’s
*4 wired Shure SM57’s
*Shure KSM32

Lighting System –
GrandMA Ultralight console –
ETC Dimmers,
80+ conventional ETC source 4 fixtures (19 degree lekos and par cans)
12 Martin 600NT wash fixtures.
6 Apollo Smart Color 7.25 scrollers

Recording –
We multitrack our seasonal programs using (2) Mackie SDR’s.

For scoring/charting, I use Finale 2012

I run a Mac Pro Tower with Protools, Finale, Final cut Pro, Adobe Premier, and Logic. Protools is used for studio recording, and remixing multitrack projects. Finale for scoring, and Premier for video editing (I only produce Bob’s film clips. Will – my tech dir produces our videos).  In my office I play a NORD piano, and also have a Yamaha P250.

The worship ministry runs with MAC’s in a PC world. I use a MacBook Pro, and a Mac Pro. My Technical Director uses an iMac Pro and a MacBook Pro. My assistant uses a 27″ iMac. Our School of Fine Arts also has a 20″ iMac, and we have a 20″ iMac in our video suite for our teleprompter and network storage.

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  1. Do you like the Inovason? We have one, and can't stand it! It sits in the shop, and the PM5D goes on the road with us….

  2. I like the innovason a lot. We need to upgrade the firmware and hardware in it to Sensoft 13 – or whatever there is now – with the onboard effects plugins . . but for a volunteer driven church, it's a great choice.

  3. What do you guys do with your aviom system to protect your ears from feedback? I'm setting up our aviom system right now and am thinking I'm going to have to brick wall compress every mic'd channel just in case. did you run into that?

  4. David –
    Our Avioms only drive headphones, with the exception of a wedge mix that I create and use on occasion. Our praise team mic feeds are only fed to the aviom via a main mix L and R, that are on channels 15 and 16. My vocal mic tracks through the system post fader. After 5 years, we've never had a feedback problem.

  5. Hi Jason,
    One of the members of the audio crew in our church (Netherlands) found your worship blog and was triggered by the fact that you guys work with Aviom and an Innovason mixing board. Since we are heading for exactly the same setup you can imagine I am highly interested in learning more from y'alls experience. There's a zillion questions that hoover above our heads. A big one is: how have you managed feeding the instruments and vocals to the limited amount of channels (16) of the Aviomsystem? Are band has a brass section (2 tpt, alto sax, flute, violin, 2 keys, bass, guitar, percussion, drums, 3 frontvocals 12-24 BGV.
    Enough for now. I'll ask more later 😉
    Greetz and blessings,
    André Zijlstra,
    Levensstroom – Leiderdorp, Holland.

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