Amazing Grace

We had a good moment in choir last night, as we’re preparing for our Palm Sunday worship service. We were rehearsing the song “Amazing Grace/My Chains are gone.” Great tune. We were rehearsing the unison section of the 1st first – I once was blind, but now I see . . . saved a wretch like me . . . Some of us grew up singing those same words, and it seems like every pop star and even American Idol has their own version of the song. And we often think about our salvation when we read or sing those words – but when was the last time you sang through that hymn and thought of how that verse applies to your everyday struggles – your sanctification. That grace that we celebrate in the hymn as “saving a wretch like me” is the same grace that opens our blind eyes in our everyday stuggles – in our marriages, our friendships, our work, our kids, and continues to save us on a daily/hourly/minute-by-minute basis.

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