Worship Leader Lessons, #5.1

Taking Time to Learn, part 2 –

Are you taking time to read and process other creative outlets? I read a statistic that over 10,000 films were submited to sundance film festival this year. 200 were selected for screening, and of those, only 3 were given distribution deals. That’s quite a bit of creative that’s out there that won’t be seen by the large masses.

The internet is an incredible tool to hear, see, and experience the creative. Are you spending time seeking out creative work? Watching film shorts, reading blogs about new ideas, expanding your imagination, and your view of the world?

I’ve got a blogroll on the left-hand sidebar of this blog. It contains some of the blogs that I read. Doesn’t take me long – maybe 15-20 minutes a day – mostly scanning. Why? Different perspectives, opinions . . . Some are just ridiculous. Some just there because they make me laugh.

I get this CD music sampler about once a month from worship leader magazine – I used to take the CD out and stick it on the shelf, and forget about it. I’ve changed to the point where not only do i import the tunes into the mac – but I set aside time to listen to the tunes. I may only make it through a minute of each – but every once in a while there will be a gem that needs to be used in the church.

Make sure you’re setting aside time, as a creative, to expose yourself to different avenues of the creative.

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