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Worship Leader Lessons #14 – Cheap, Fast, Good

Ever heard the saying “Good, Cheap, Fast – you can pick 2….”

I’ve seen the sign in restaurants.  Makes me laugh, mostly because it’s true.  And wow – does it ever apply to ministry.  Each decision you make when it comes to your ministry, and the people involved can, and should be run through that grid.  Good, Cheap, Fast – pick 2.

Let’s say that you really want to do that new song that just came out on Hillsong’s latest album (you know – one of the two albums they realesed last week…) You can do it fast, and good – but you’re gonna isolate those serving in your ministry that don’t pick up new tunes as fast.  That’s going to be costly – certainly not cheap.

You could do it cheap and fast, but again – you’ll end up pushing someone too fast out of their comfort zone, maybe even to the point of quitting your ministry.

I’ll always err on cheap and good.  Plan it out.  Make sure the chart is right.  Make sure you’ve been able to spend enough time teaching your team, bringing younger or newer players along slowly, making sure you’re not throwing too much out at your congregation every week, and being intentional about every single decision you’re making for your volunteers, your church, and your ministry.

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