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Worship Leader Lessons, #6

Make it easy for people to get involved.

Our choir meets every Wednesday night. But we’re a tad different than other choirs. First off – we don’t have lady who’s only job is to sit at the front of the room and mark your name on a list when you do (or don’t) show up. I’m constantly having conversations with people who don’t come to choir because they have something one Wednesday night out of the month. Which is why i say “come when you can!” We try to make it easy for people to get involved. No auditions. Flexible rehearsal schedule. Childcare for those that need it. Drinks and snacks in case you’re coming straight from work, and as mentioned before – stopping after an hour – on the dot.

For our instrumentalists, we don’t have auditions there either. I’m convinced that if someone has a musical ability, and wants to use that to lead in worship, then it’s my responsibility to get them involved. My calling is to people first, music second. And we make participation a supportive thing. I’ll pair up guitarists so a newer player gets to play alongside a more seasoned player, until they get the hang of it. Technology teams are the same thing. Will – our technical director, can train anyone for either sound or slides.

I just had a conversation yesterday – an email request showed up in my inbox. New guy – wanted to get involved. Has played guitar and synth, but “I’ve been in your shoes before and I understand you can’t commit to getting me playing, but I’d like to come a practice sometime and play to see what you think. I understand there are no guarantees and it’s fine if you can’t work me in the rotation.” I think I caught him off guard when I called a mere 3 minutes after getting his email and invited him to play, LAST NIGHT. And he did a great job. And most of it requires a step in faith to believe that God brings those that He wants involved, and has called the worship minister to involve them, train them, and equip them.

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