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Worship Leader Lessons #11

I haven’t posted one of these up in a while. Christmas happened. When Christmas happens in a worship leader’s life, everything else stops except for what you’re doing with Christmas. Anyway . . . back to it.

You CAN’T change people’s hearts.

This was a tough one to learn. Before coming to Oak Mountain, i worked at a small church in Newnan, GA. I was just remarking to a friend that church plants should be a required part of the resume of a church staff member – especially at large churches like Oak Mountain.

I would really struggle with some folks and heart issues. I got experience attitudes, opinions, and actions that you wouldn’t believe, even if I tried to tell you. I’d try to do the ‘man’ thing and fix them. I obsessed over the opinions of others. Even coming to Oak Mountain, i had to learn that I couldn’t change someone’s heart. It’s a humbling thing.

You can’t convince someone that your ministry style is right. You can’t change someone’s mind about participating or not participating. And this is where the aspect of TRUST comes into your ministry. You’ve got to trust that the holy spirit is working, and that it’s bringing those to be involved into your midst. And when that happens, and you can truly let go of “what people think,” “who is NOT participating,” your ministry gets freed up and you begin to experience, if only a tad more – the blessings that God has in store – through you – into the people he’s called you to serve with.

So, STOP IT. Stop worrying. Do what you can to offer, and listen, but stop obsessing over trying to change hearts.

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